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What to Expect
at Reclaim Your Health 

At Reclaim Your Health events, you’ll learn about the doTERRA wellness lifestyle and how doTERRA products can support you in your daily routines.


These events are hyper-focused on experience. You’ll get to smell, touch, and taste products while discovering new ways to use them, trying out easy DIYs you can recreate at home, and receiving access to exclusive discounts. 

Each Reclaim Your Health event is curated by the host to give attendees a unique experience. The events provide education and hands-on exposure to doTERRA products. Education provided falls within these doTERRA Wellness Pyramid categories:

  • Nutrition and digestion

  • Metabolism

  • Rest

  • Manage stress

  • Reduce toxicity

These events offer an amazing educational opportunities, while also providing you with products to sample and even take home. 


Is Reclaim Your Health for Me? 

Are you an existing doTERRA customer? Brand-new customer? Interested in learning more about doTERRA? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, Reclaim Your Health is for you!  

Everyone is invited to attend Reclaim Your Health events, whether you just heard about doTERRA yesterday or have been relying on the products for years. You’ll receive hands-on experiences with new doTERRA products and learn what the doTERRA wellness lifestyle is all about.  

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