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doTERRA Builder Retreats

Discover the power of growth, inspiration, and team connection at our exclusive doTERRA Builder Retreats. These retreats are designed to provide a personalized and enriching environment for your business journey. Join us to delve into key topics that will elevate your leadership skills and business success. 


"Leaders are born at events, and momentum is created at events. Builder Retreats offer this outcome in a more personal manner." —Justin Harrison, Master Distributor, Double Diamond, US Founder 

What is a Builder Retreat? 

Builder Retreats are fully customizable, leader-led, and corporate-supported events. These retreats focus on creating an enriching environment for business growth, inspiration, team connection, and effective product experiences. 



Apply to Host
a Builder Retreat

Start your journey by applying to host

a Builder Retreat. 


a Venue

Once approved, secure a venue that aligns with the essence of your retreat. 


Begin Marketing
Your Event

Utilize our resources to effectively market and promote your Builder Retreat. 


Reach out to the Business Development Team

For any questions or special requests, our Business Development Team is here to assist you.


Apply Today! 

Ready to take the next step in your doTERRA journey? Apply today and embark on a transformative experience at our Builder Retreats. 

Potential Topics

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